ADVICE | What about retirement?

When do you want to retire?

Enjoying retirement to the full isn’t just a matter of money. It’s just as important to have a good long think about what you’d like to be doing when you’re no longer going to work. Will you want to travel or spend time with family or keeping fit? And when you’re faced with the idea of stopping work completely, you may want to continue working part-time or volunteer.

A gradual transition to retirement can be a good way to manage your income needs too. Some things to think about and importantly where we can help. 

  • Work on a budget
  • Reduce your debts
  • Budget for big-ticket items
  • Check your eligibility for government benefits and super
  • Find out about tax
    Make a retirement income timeline
  • Take care of family matters
  • Plan to be in the best of health

I am already retired what now?

  • It’s about living the dream and making sure your retirement savings will last.
  • It’s having the lifestyle of my choice
  • It’s having financial freedom and independence
  • It’s having safety and security
  • It’s having no regrets
  • It’s having time for hobbies and interests